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I am a 18 year old high school student. Like many teenagers now a days I spend a lot of my free time in front of a screen. Whether that be texting on my phone, writing a paper, or playing video games, I have always in front of a screen. That’s why I love my new bluwinx glasses. Not only do they look good enough to be worn at school, unlike many of the other eyewear companies out there. The bluwinx glasses have given me the comfort that my eyes won’t be damaged later in life because of all this screen time. As well completing ridding of the pain I have experienced before I got my glasses when using screens with blue light at night.

– MJ Farber

I work in IT and look at a computer screen for most of the day. Prior to using bluwinx I was getting headaches every day and my eyes felt fatigued. Wearing bluwinx has completely resolved my headaches and I no longer feel like by eyes are throbbing at the end of the day. If I forget to put them on in the morning, I can tell within 30 minutes. They make such a big difference for me and how productive I am at work. My experience with ordering and customer service has been beyond outstanding. Truly a great experience all the way around.

– Virginia Snyder

Wanted let Joe know aside from your prompt service which was appreciated, the glasses are very Top Shelf material and comfortable! Made huge difference on my was tiredness from before using them….thank you so much and you have a customer for life! I will also spread the word…

– Stan Catullo

After wearing bluwinx for the first two days, I noticed a dramatic difference in my eye
fatigue and have a much clearer vision of my screen after long hours of working without
a break.

– Cindy Riccio

I love how lightweight and stylish my bluwinx eyeglasses are, and the protection that
they offer especially for someone like me who is always in front of the computer and TV.
I’ve also noticed a decrease in headaches, which I used to get daily before using
bluwinx .

– Kathiusca Nunez

When the iPhones and iPads come out, my kids put on their special bluwinx computer glasses lenses and are instantly protected. The styles and frames are also super cute and start from age 3. I highly recommend giving these blue light glasses a try.

– Dikla Goran

I just wanted to let you know that I received my glasses a few days ago and they are fabulous! I can read through them  better than the readers I was using. It may be psychological, but I have also slept well three nights in a row since I have been using them. Thank you so much.

Catherine Brooks-Fava

I was very excited to receive my bluwinx glasses. I am an avid iPhone user throughout the evening, reading emails, doing online banking and of course, checking out Facebook. As a result, I have been having a very difficult time falling asleep & sleeping through the night!

I noticed almost the first night that I wore my bluwinx glasses I could fall asleep quicker. Also, since wearing my glasses my sleep has been more restful! I have been so pleased with them I ordered another pair of bluwinx with photo-gray lenses.

Pattie Welsh – Administrator, Hitchcock Woods Learning Center

Electronic devices are now a major part of our lives including our children. We are exposed to hours of screen time a day whether we like it or not. In our family we have decided to add a layer of protection not only for ourselves but for our children who are 4 and 7. Our children will log thousands upon thousands of extra screen time in their lives. Our children, Luca and Lola wear bluwinx daily. We as parents and physicians feel bluwinx is great and easy way to add layer of protection to not only ourselves but more importantly our children.

Justin J Petrolla, MD & Diana T Baca, MD

I ordered glasses from bluwinx for the first time after years of going to LensCrafters. The product is beautiful, fashionable and most importantly, reasonably priced (LensCrafters charges upwards of $500.00 for glasses plus all kinds of fees for warranties, bluwinx is just a flat cost of $195.00).). Great product and amazing customer service.  Not to forget, my daily eye-strain is gone and my overall sleep has improved!

bluwinx is 100% the way to go!

Liz Tyndall
Mother of two (2)

I was looking for a new pair of glasses, and decided to try bluwinx and their “blue light glasses”.  Once I heard the price, I was sold. The website was streamlined and easy to navigate.  I bought the Steve Madden “Russty” and absolutely LOVE them. They are a quality product, they protect my eyes from harmful “blue light” and they are very stylish.  Win-Win-Win.

Patrick McGee

The online ordering/shipping and delivery was easy.  The glasses I ordered came within the promised time frame, and everything was as expected. The product selection was very impressive. I worried that it would be hard to select eyeglasses online, the only problem was deciding which ones I liked best! 

I had shopped pretty extensively at brick and mortar stores and on-line for “blue light protection glasses” – bluwinx has by far the best lenses I’ve found anywhere!  I bought a pair for myself, my husband and our three children (4, 6 and 11 years old).  We love them!  We’re a bluwinx family! 

Julie Miller
Mother of three (3)

My job requires a lot fo computer screen time and I was noticing that my eyes were burning and itching and I was getting daily headaches.  At first, I was skeptical, but after 2 weeks my eye strain is completely gone and best of all … no more headaches.  I highly recommend bluwinx!

Patrick Murphy III

In the Information Age we live in, it is difficult or even impossible to avoid the digital light of computers, televisions, and cell phones. For myself and many others, my job has me working in front of computers for a majority of my time on the clock. That’s why when I was given the opportunity to use bluwinx blue light filtering glasses, I jumped right on it. They are meant to filter out, or “dim” the blue light given off from digital screens, and since starting to wear them I have noticed quite the difference. The strain on my eyes from looking at bright screens and the headaches associated with looking at digital light for long periods of time have both decreased by a noticeable amount. I would certainly recommend them to anybody who finds themselves stopping in the middle of work to massage their head or rub their eyes, bluwinx is your simple solution.

Joseph Petrolla

My family is the most important thing in the world so, when I heard about the dangers of “blue light” I had to try bluwinx for my two daughters (ages 7 and 9) my husband and myself!  Like most familes, we are on our computers, iPads and iPhones most of the time. 

The sunscreen quote on the bluwinx website really resonated with me.  After understanding the dangers and symptoms of blue light, I can honeslty say I’ve done everything I can do to protect my loved ones’ eyes.

Keeley Snider
Mother of two (2)

We noticed that our 12-year-old son, Antonio was tired, irritable, depressed and not doing well in school.  When discussing this with a family member and sleep professional, he asked how many hours per day was Antonio using a desk top computer, tablet and/or smart phone.  Antonio was online doing school home and playing his favorite games about 4 hours per day on average.  Our family member recommended that Antonio start using bluwinx glasses to filter out the blue light that is omitted from computer screens, TVs, tablets, and smart phones.  He further explained that blue light affects our sleep patterns and why Antonio was tired throughout the day.  Antonio has been using bluwinx glasses for the last 9 months and doing wonderful.  He is no longer tired and irritable.  He is focused and doing well in school with his grades back up.  We noticed the change in behavior within the first 30 days and would recommend using bluwinx glasses for anyone on the computer for more than 4 hours per day.  

John F. Medina
Owner, Partner
Avanti Medical Solutions

Since my children have been wearing bluwinx glasses, I’ve seen their sleep, behavior and overall learning at school improve.

Carolina Figley, M.D.
Mother of three (3)