bluwinx was founded by a group of concerned and entrepreneurial parents with lofty goals: to offer the best quality protection against “harsh blue light” being emitted by televisions, computer screens, tablets and smartphones at a revolutionary price, for kids, teens, moms and dads alike.

You wouldn’t spend hours at the beach without sunscreen … why spend hours starring at your electronic devices without eye protection?  bluwinx for your eyes is like sunscreen for your skin.

Every great company starts with a problem: At bluwinx, we decided to be the “go to” solution to protect families from blue light.

Like many of us, you spend most of your day in front of a digital screen. As a result, the exposure to artificial blue light causes eye strain, fatigue, blurred vision and severe headaches.

It also affects our sleep! Studies show that overexposure to blue light at night disrupts the circadian rhythm that regulates the release of melatonin in the body, preventing us from falling asleep and degrading sleep quality.

bluwinx is redefining blue light protection eyewear!

We offer a wide variety of the latest eyeglass fashions and trends to meet your needs. Because we sell directly to our customers we can offer amazing prices! Our computer glasses are made in the great state of Ohio by one of the largest eyewear labs in the country. The leader in blue light protection lenses, our blue light glasses filter the right intensity and amount of the blue light emitted from all electronic devices because it’s not what you look at…

bluwinx – It’s what you look through!